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As a HOsT

Create a Charging Opportunity 
for EV Drivers visiting your home!

AS A Guest

Scan your Host's bespoke QR 
to set up and pay for a Charge Session


"Before Square Up Charging, I was continuously & carefully planning where and when my next charging opportunity was. 

Now, it's easy - between my family and friends who I visit regularly, I simply borrow their charge point every time and the app calculates how much the session costs allowing me Square Up with them there and then "

— Kate Williams, Chester

battery 1.jpg

How it Works


Launch the Square Up Charging App and enter some basic info.

Get ready to receive your new bespoke Square Up Charging QR code by post.
It can be applied to any suitable outdoor surface - ideally somewhere close to your Charge Point.

battery 2.jpg

Encourage your guests / visitors to scan your QR Code when they visit to set up a charging session. 

They can select and pay you for however much charge they need - whether this be to a specific battery %, number of miles, or just a time (e.g. 30 mins).  

battery 3.jpg

Once the session timer is up, you (as the Charge Point Host) and your visitor will be notified (via SMS) and prompted to unplug. 

You can withdraw the funds, or keep them aside until your energy bill is due!

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