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Your Perfect
EV Charging Partner

Power up your holiday retreat and let your guest rest assured knowing their EV is charging ready for their adventures. 

One Online Portal to manage your charge point,

  1. Connnect your Charger

  2. Set your Tariff

  3. Monitor the Charging Session

  4. Withdraw your Balance

    ...  all for Free!


Compatible CHargers


We'll help you get a compatible charger installed 


Set Up a  Profile

For Free

Set up a free online portal to manage your Charger



Open the 

Full Support

We'll help every step of the way!

Holiday Let!

Let us help attract your next EV Guest
by promoting your holiday let
for Free on our Website! 

How does my Guest Charge? 

They simply scan your Square Up Charging QR code with their mobile device, enter their payment information and we remotely send a command to the charger to start charging!  

Homepage with QR 2.png

Your QR Label will look like this!

What does 
it cost to me
as a Host?

The short answer is - Nothing!
If you set a tariff of 30p per KWH, and your guest uses 50 KWH, you'll receive the full £15 in your SQUPC account. 

The driver pays a small percentage on top (in line with other platforms) which covers our transaction costs
(the minimum per session is 39 pence). 



Start your Journey with us! 

Launch the Online Portal: 
Contact Us:

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