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  • What is Square Up Charging?
    Square Up Charging has been set up so we can help each other charge our EVs. You may have seen that other providers encourage you to advertise your charge point + drive way on a public map thus inviting strangers to your home to make a profit from them. The difference here is - Square Up Charging is aimed at helping out those who are already likely to be visiting your home (people you know and trust). They can simply scan your bespoke QR code whilst they visit, borrow your charge point, and Square Up with you there and then for the power they use. Our app has built in formulas to accurately calculate the cost of each charging session. By increasing the number of charging opportunities available, we also hope to support those considering the decision to convert to an EV.
  • How does it work?
    As a Charge Point Owner, you will receive a free bespoke QR Code in the post which can be applied to any suitable surface near your charge point (such as electric box, downspout, wheelie bin etc). If your guest scans the QR Code with their smart phone, they can connect with you to begin a charging session whilst they visit you. The app's built in formulas can accurately calculate the time and cost for a specific % charge or mileage requirement based on the EV manufacturer data, Charge Point data and the Charge Point Owner's cost of electric. Once the charge session completes, both users are notified... prompting to unhook the charger - or opt to extend the session. The cost of the electric is then added to the Host's balance ready for withdrawal.
  • Why is the app not on the App Stores?
    It's actually a PWA (Progressive Web App) - Built for speed and accessibility whilst not taking up unnecessary memory on your device. Our native IOS and Android Apps are in development and will be available on the App Stores ASAP! For now, think of it as a website built using web technologies, which acts and feels just like an app. Launch it directly from our website or any of our QR codes you may see around. You can still add it to your home screen… Android users will see a 'Install' prompt, whilst iPhone / IOS users can click the share icon (box with up arrow) and click 'Add to Home Screen'. It will look something like this:
  • How is it different to Plugshare etc?
    Unlike other providers, you will not advertise your house / driveway to strangers on a public map. Square Up Charging is a simple solution to help out those who are already likely to be visiting your home (people you know and trust).
  • Are all Home Charge Points and EVs compatible?
    Yes, absolutely - if you can physically plug the EV in at your destination, then the app can be used.
  • What would my physical bespoke QR code look like?
    Like this.… The QR Code will be unique to you / your Charge Point. It will be delivered to you by post shortly after adding your Charge Point to your profile. It is printed on external, weatherproof material with self-adhesive so you can apply it to any suitable surface near your charge point (such as electric box, downspout, wheelie bin etc).
  • Planting Trees?
    Every time a Host reaches a £50 interval in their Square Up Charging account (through completed charging sessions), Square Up Charging Ltd will make a donation to plant one Tree via our relationships with tree planting charities. There is a counter in the Host dashboard tracking how many trees your usage has contributed to! It will look something like this...
  • Does it cost to use the app?
    No, it's free! Simply sign into the app and you can use it straight away. Your physical bespoke QR code will follow on in the post - however a temporary QR will be generated for you if you have someone wanting to charge with you.
  • Can I set my own price per KWH?
    Yes. You have the ability to set a KWH price that matches the KWH cost you receive from your provider. The intention is for user's to be all squared up following each charging session.
  • Can I programme different rates at different times? E.g. Overnight
    You always have the ability to update your KWH price with immediate effect should one of your visitors / guests wish to charge with you during a lower cost period.
  • How would I get paid?
    Following each completed charging session, you can withdraw funds after 24 hours into your linked bank account. We will safely hold your balance if you wish to let it build up over time and withdraw it later on.
  • How are payments calculated?
    The following factors are built into the app to ensure payments are as accurate as possible: Charge Point Power Rating (e.g. 7 / 11 / 22 KWH) EV Battery Capacity & Max Charge Rate (Manufacturer Info) EV KWH per Mile Ranges (Manufacturer Info)
  • Where should I apply my physical bespoke QR Code?
    We would recommend an appropriate, clean surface somewhere in close proximity to your charge point. For example, an electric box cover, wheelie bin, down spout, or even on the charge point itself.
  • Can I request a replacement, or additional physical QR Code?"
    Yes - Our customers have even started using Square Up Charging at their second homes / caravan sites etc! Whilst we are using the highest quality weatherproof material, we understand that you will want to keep it looking new, shiny and fresh. Get in touch if you need a replacement or an additional and we will arrange for you.
  • What if my visitor doesn't disconnect from my charge point when their timer completed?
    They have the option to extend their session. Let's say your friend comes round for a drink, but ends up staying for dinner... they will have the option to extend their charging session accordingly! The Host will ultimately remain responsible for governing the use of the Charge Point and will be kept fully up to date via SMS messaging as to when a charging session is due to end.
  • Is there any regulation around reselling electricity?
    To summarise some of ofgem's regulatory information: The rules around MRP (Maximum Resale Price) DO NOT apply when a bespoke EV charge point is used in a domestic setting. MRP would apply only when a standard plug & socket charger is used. These are the type of charge points commonly referred to as 'Granny Chargers'.
  • Can I check how much I will need to pay before starting a charging session?
    Yes, the cost is calculated and displayed as per your charging requirements before you confirm the session.
  • Can I charge to a specific battery % or mileage requirement etc?
    Yes, the following formulas are built into the app to ensure payments are as accurate as possible: Charge Point Power Rating (e.g. 7 / 11 / 22 KWH) EV Battery Capacity & Max Charge Rate (Manufacturer Info) EV KWH per Mile Ranges (Manufacturer Info)
  • What if I need to unplug before my session timer is up?
    You can… Should you need to leave early, you can stop the timer and the app will automatically re-calculate the cost of power used up until that point.
  • Can I extend my charging session?
    Yes. Let's say you were just having a quick drink but it's turned into dinner, there is an option within the app to extend the session in 15 minute intervals.
  • Is there a transaction fee?
    The Home Owner (Charge Point Owner) receives 100% of what they've set as their energy tariff. The idea is that they are never left out of pocket following a charging session, so recover their cost as accurately as possible. The Charging Rate of the vehicle, coupled with the power rating of the Charge Point is all taken into account during the calculation. As with other providers, there is a small cost as a company for keeping the service running (i.e. using Stripe Payment Processing, SMS notifications, app server hosting etc) so there is a small transaction charge for the person initiating the charge, a matter of pence in most cases. The minimum is 39p, or 12% if it's greater. Having said that, after our costs are covered, we are investing into our tree planting project where each owner will have a Tree Planting counter on their user dashboard. Their usage directly contributes to the number of trees we will plant on behalf of each owner! Some basic info is available here...
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